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Product Information:

Delight in delicious cotton candy goodness using our top-of-the-line cotton candy machine rental. Our machine will provide the ultimate addition to every gathering or party, offering scrumptious retro fun for guests of all age groups. With user-friendly controls and a portable structure, our cotton candy machine is also effortless to set up, operate, and clean. Whether you're hosting a birthday party, fundraiser, carnival, or any other special occasion, our cotton candy machine rental is sure to be a hit. Treat your guests to the absolute sweet fulfillment with our top-notch floss machine rental today! 25 supplies are included with every rental!

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  • 25 Cotton Candy ConesTreat yourself in the mouthwatering and tasty treats of fluffy spun sugar with our premium Cotton Candy Cones. These optimal cones were created to contain just the exact amount of airy and scrumptious cotton candy. Perfect for parties, carnivals, or every occasion, these cones are a necessity for any sweet tooth aficionado. Produced using high-quality materials, the cones are sturdy and will resist tearing or fall apart easily. They also come in a pack of multiple, so you'll always be in short supply of cotton candy cones for your guests. Effortlessly, prepare a bunch of cotton candy and let your guests delight in the traditional festival delight in the convenience of their own abodes. So acquire our Cotton Candy Cones and experience a sweet explosion like no other! 25 cones are included with every rental. Extras are $0.25 per cone.

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